Broken Path


Broken Path is an upcoming pixel art Metroidvania where you are a 12-year old kid called Adriel who escaped from his parent's house to fight crazy bosses and save the world from the awakening of the machines.

About this version

This version was shown at the Game Developer Day in the Dominican Republic. And was only for showcasing purposes, this is just a remaster made in 4 weeks. The real game will be very, very heavily improved in all senses: Gameplay, Art, Animations, Levels, Story, Audio and so.

Development History

In 2018, I made a demo with the code name "Irt" for the portfolio and i just started to show it to the public. A lot of people told me things like "Is this a game already?", " Where can I see more?", "Please make this happen!!!" And with that great feedback, it was very clear what I had to do... Make the game with great gameplay and story.

Release Platforms

PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and more...


C# Language
Custom tools to manage events and animations